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The router. I had to ring Belkin to remind them that they were ringing me but the result is that they are sending me something new. This is good. In the meantime, the router is sitting on some wood next to an half-open window to ensure good circulation.

I just added up how much it would cost to renew my domains and buy the hosting if I did it all right now. Scary. But then I don’t smoke or drink, so it’s an acceptable vice 😉

Been looking into a move to Site5 as I’m going to change my hosting arrangements somewhat, but they don’t take paypal, and seeing as that’s the only way I can pay that pretty much stops the debate right there. Shame as it’s cheaper but there we go ….

Blogging – don’t take it so seriously people.

J bought me a beanbag to sit on / in when playing games. Untouched it’s half my height. Monster_beanbag_goodness !!

And it seems xampp and skype want to occupy the same ports ? Needs sorting …

YzDock. I’ve been running this for months without a problem. Great launcher. One of the problems I had last week was something somewhere was causing other programs to act oddly and the Processes screen reported heavy RAM usage (I saw xchat reported as 25meg, YzDock as 12meg and other wierdness) so I uninstalled a lot and reinstalled to try and hunt the bad code down. Couldn’t find it, but I did see a rise in mem usage by YzDock (xhat and everything else returned to normal). Not good. So I downloaded and installed ObjectDock – the freeware version. Not bad at all ! No ads, no ‘wares’ and right now it’s eating only 884K. Hover an icon it goes up to maybe 1500. Much lower usage than YzDock. That said, I have no ‘effects’ and no docklets running – it’s just a program launcher. It’s a keeper.

8 thoughts on “Various bits

  1. Objectdock will continue to grow its page file usage until you run out. Since I’m the type who doesn’t reboot their computer for almost a week—and at such time I’m off to somewhere and I just turn it off—Objectdock isn’t the best thing out there for me, alas.

  2. Site5 are very cheap. Suspiciously so actually. 😀 Have they been recommended to you? And are you unhappy with ASO for some reason? I just bought a small account with them, thought I’d try them out after so many recommended them.

  3. ASO are great. Very very good indeed.

    The fact was that my annual payment for hosting my current sites was $210, and with this domain I have been playing catchup with bandwidth for over a year. So given I have domain names that are not hosted it made sense to look around. Site5 – no paypal. ASO – good but Bliksem were offering more space / bandwidth than them. Being reseller I can add my domains and pay no more. I’ve split the cost with Shadow so we both save money and get more besides – good deal 🙂
    At least one domain is staying with ASO as I don’t have shell access on the new host, but for the money saved it’s a good deal. My next years hosting has cost me ~$80 which will cover everything and I’m happy with that.

  4. Good to hear you and Shadow got a good deal! 🙂

    And yes, reseller accounts are great. Mine is on the slightly more expensive side really, but I love my host (and have had so many nightmares with other companies), so am reluctant to leave.

    Hope you’ll let us know how you get on with Bliksem, their pricing is very nice.

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