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That link in the post below. … how can you not read that with a sense of dread not about death itself but with your last few moments here, alive, out of control, subject to the actions of others, speechless…
I disagree with the sentiments of the blogger when he says that the family being there will have been of comfort. WHY ?? The family see someone stripped of their dignity, at death’s door, unable to communicate, surrounded by people trying to … trying to do what exactly ? This person is going to die and they cannot stop it. Who was she being kept alive for ? Herself ? her family ? the healthcare people ? Someone was actively making the choice weren’t they ? or was it some “I think they …” situation where it’s everyone and no-one moving ahead ?
It sounds like I’m having a dig at the blogger – I’m not. He did what he was trained to do and I’ve read that blog long enough to respect the guy hugely, but … but look at what he had to do, what he had to go through and all because the spineless lawmakers and gatekeepers in this country will not allow Euthanasia. Look hard at what that guy did and can you honestly say that if you had a terminal illness that that is how you would elect to complete your life ? Would you ?
Why does having family around make it better ? I’d argue it makes it a shedload worse. What hasn’t been said should not be right then, what has been does not need repeating, apologies are pathetic then and if you really really would have wanted to say something, do it now. Right now – pick up the phone, write the email, give them the hug. There is no right way but that sort of thing just strikes me as wrong. Not wrong when everything is genuinely unexpected but if something is terminal and the endgame has been played out into (literally) the dying minutes, then shouldn’t the person have the right to choose when and how Death’s Door is opened ? Where is the problem with that ? Who has a problem with that ? Why ? Or do you expect to be taken cleanly while chipping a ball out at the 14th one bright Sunday morning ?
The NHS. It’s an appalling service overall. Crap. Free maybe, but then we get what we pay for. They would use the word ‘care’. In that account (and again I am not having a pop at the blogger), where is the ‘care’ ? There isn’t any. It becomes function, a-b-c, death by the numbers. What’s the damn point ?? Who benefitted at all ? No-one. No-one. Yet if euthanasia were a real option, who would have benefitted then ? Even if it was just a Living Will so when the ambulance guys arrived they had protection by not acting that would surely have been a better situation ? Why this obsession with life life life ?? Can we not see that death happens ? Can we not accept that ?
We have a govt that talks about offering us choice, we have the forces of capitalism and consumerism flooding us with choices daily, we use words like ‘want’ ‘choose’ ‘select’ in our language yet when it comes down to the ultimate act of autonomy, Society denies us choice. That’s wrong.

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