Belkin overheating

Some wierd computer problems going on here over the last week, one of which has been the Belkin router, model 7630 to be precise.
It’s just been stopping. Sometimes it’s just the internet connection, sometimes it’s the LAN too. No reason I can find. I’ve changed the microfilter. I’ve redone the firmware, done hard resets more times than I care to mention, checked the settings, the firewall, the logs, even ran a check on other networks around here. I had noticed that at times it’s warm too. I watched the 20 minute mario vid (below) earlier and just after that the net went. But it doesn’t just stop – it sort of stutters, gets slower, grinds to a halt. I have enough time to get to the router screen and watch the green ‘connected’ change to red then flip me out. Like I said, I’d watched this vid and the connection went. Lifting the router up (it sit’s on a table in the lounge), the underside was hot. Not warm. Not very warm. HOT. I do the whole resetting thing again – nothing. I repeat several times. Nothing. In frustration I relieve it of it’s two wires and sling it in the freezer. 10 minutes later it’s working perfectly. Doesn’t take a leap of genius to figure that there is something bad in the design does it ? The router is in a regular house, being subject to regular temperatures and hey – it’s only a 1meg line. Belkin – wonderful people that they are – have a 24hr helpline. Normally they are pretty good, but in this case I think I need to ask for someone higher to do something – after all, I bought it from PC World and even though I’ve got the receipt I can’t take it back as I’ve not got the damn box. Or maybe I should buy an icebox for it to sit in…

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  1. Interesting, When I had the Netgear wireless router I had similar problems with the thing over heating. I mean it was hot, so hot you could not hold it for long. Of course the connection was as flaky as it gets. That and other problems with the netgear, it had to go. Thankfully I got a full refund of over £285.00 without quibble. My replacement was the linksys ADSL router /gateway AG041 (wired) Brill bit of kit and barely gets warm.

  2. You can take it back to PC World without a box. You have the receipt, and the router is overheating and cutting out which therefore means it is not fit for the purpose it was bought for. If I still worked at the call centre (and thank god I don’t) I would have arranged this for you myself. It is unreasonable for any retailer to expect you to keep the packaging of an item beyond 30 days or so, and your local trading standards and/or CAB will agree with this. Please try again and don’t let this shitty company think that retail laws don’t apply to them, because they do.

  3. Jayne – turns out it wasn’t the right receipt. A NIC one won’t get past even them 🙂

    Terry – cheers for the offer. This one – after some testing this morning – prefers not to work at full speed, likes to be on the windowsill (thankfully not sunny today) and to be lifted further off the surface.

    I rang Belkin. Explained it all, guy says “Yes we know this fault but I will do nothing. Our engineer in England will ring you straight back.” That was about 12 hours ago 🙂

  4. Been having EXACTLY the same problem with my 7630. Worked fine when the line was only 512k, but recently got a free upgrade to 1Mb. Since then, 20 minutes of up time then everything grinds to a halt. Today I’ve nicked a heatsink from an old AGP graphics card and stuck it onto the main processor (the router’s cover is held on by a few plastic catches at the sides), so we’ll see what we get this time. BTW, there’s a long list of radical solutions to the problem at in the Belkin forum, including some serious kludges that may or may not appeal!

    Best of luck.

  5. Hi Clive- I’ve since got a 7633-4a which is more a continental model (it arrived with a frech plug and phone connector). Lighter weight, more vent slots and haven’t had any heating issues at all 🙂

  6. I have the Belkin F5D7230-4 Wireless Router (Set as an access point) and it overheats when I use it with my laptop. I cured this by taking an old socket 7 heatsink fan, cutting off the plug, connecting it to a 12v adaptor and bluetacking it to the bottom of the router. iI has worked OK so far, a bit noisy, but it is useful.

  7. I’ve got the same router — same problems. Gets so HOT. I did something like Floydo, using a fan. I drilled 15 holes in the top cover (1/4″ bit), put it back on — then I attatched the whole router, at an angle so it’s not totally blocking the fan, to the fan on the back of my PC’s tower. It’s the littlest bit of air, already making noise anyway, so there’s no added noise, and it’s just enough to keep all chips on the board cool to the touch whenever I’ve checked it.

    Yeah, a little along the lines of a RED-GREEN (the TV show) solution, but it works! 🙂

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