Graffitti the bedroom

Put some new light fittings into the lounge today … quite what they expected me to do with an earth wire when the block I was attaching it to had no earth is beyond me. Live dangerously !
Skype. I have Skype, and the honour of hearing the first expletive through my machine will go to a certain Canadian hopefully soon.

Did I mention we had a flood from bathroom into kitchen last week at some point ? Well the agency finally got round to coming for a look – after their plumber said “It all needs ripping out”. I explain the problem, indicate the sealant and various other things, and I mention that the bath is ever so slightly unstable. So he reaches out, holds the side with one hand and pushes. “Thats solid” he says. Yeah …. right. Idiot. Like he can emulate the effect of a bath full of water and someone in it ? Idiot. Then… and this was great … he says “Did the flood happen when you were in the shower ?” Yes say I. “Ahh …. I know what the cause was” Oh I said, really ? “Yes, you hadn’t pulled the shower curtain closed.” W_T_F ? Did I say he was an idiot ? My mistake … gibbering drooling fool more like. So I’ve written the letter which will be sent to the agency boss. Fool went off promising to fix it – and I do not believe a letter of it, let alone a word. When I step into the shower one day and find myself crashing into the kitchen below, he will not be able to say “You never said…..”. I bet his windows are clean in his room.

And P was bored earlier. Finished first 3 days at big school/college, no friends around. So I pointed at her longest bedroom wall and told her that it was boring and needed colouring in. So she is engaged in some ‘bedroom vandalism’ right now 🙂

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