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02:15 I logged off last night .. I’ve learnt that when I do sites for people, they say – after all the barebones is in place – “What can I change ?”. And I reply “Everything”. This usually has to be repeated a few times until it sinks in fully and it’s at this time I make sure I’ve got the gum, the coke and the music. It takes hours. Fonts, colours, moving this, moving that, putting it on the left – no… a bit more please – then the right, up, down, remove something, replace it, scrap it and start over. It drives me crackers, it really does. I always end up swearing and the amount of ‘WTF?’ is also high. This last bit is always the result of the inadequacies of text and the lag when using IM – it’s nothing against the person (though when we have spent over an hour adjusting (they ask, I do) and then they say “Actually, there’s another theme I want instead…). And one of the reasons I keep doing it ? The “THANK YOU!!” I get at the end – I swear I can measure the size of their grin as their site finally looks exactly as they wanted it to. That’s the nicest bit, regardless of how long it takes.

IM. I use IM to talk to people during the last stage of work like the above. Opened Miranda last night and found over a dozen new buddies, only one of whom I have talked with before. I find that very very annoying – it’s not like my position hasn’t been crystal clear for ages about getting in touch with me. And ICQ spam is annoying. And one idiot who kept messaging me then going off line instantly. Maybe I should just use Skype and be done with IM ? But then I’d have to talk to people, be polite, I couldn’t swear, I couldn’t play music loudly .. I hope it’s not a late night tonight.

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