Some perspective:

“What Hiroshima must have looked like” / Our Tsunami

When did the people find out about … ?
The Hiroshima bomb: When it killed them.
Tsunami: When they saw the huge waves heading right at them
Katrina: On TV over a week ago on 23 August and every day thereafter.

What caused … ?
The Hiroshima Bomb: A war
Tsunami: A Natural event which swamped land well above sea level.
Katrina: A Natural event which swamped land below sea level.

What did the leaders do before about … ?
The Hiroshima Bomb: Nothing they could do.
Tsunami: Nothing they could do.
Katrina: What they hoped would win them votes. And they took money from flood control. Oh, and they took all the equipment to Iraq.

You want fault ? It’s the politicians. Probably those same politicians that agreed with Bush that Global Warming isn’t a real problem, that it’ll go away – but not until it’s spawned dozens more hurricanes it won’t. Move. Countries preferably.

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  1. I mean who builds a city on the coast *below sea level* anyway? It’s as bad as those twats who build/buy houses right on the chalky Sussex and Kent coasts that are being eroded away by the elements and then want compensation because their house has fallen into the sea.

    You can bet that if the US ever admits global warming is a problem they’ll start charging for sunlight/wind power, which is in itself an interesting problem: what happens to ‘energy’ companies once solar and wind power become viable alternatives for producing personal electricity? Are you telling me that a free resource becomes a commercial product?

  2. Claire,

    Wind power is a viable alternative (so is hydro electric) and companies that construct massive wind turbines charge for the energy they produce.

    You could still make / buy your own wind turbine.

  3. I realise that david, I guess I’m talking more about solar cells. At the moment they are mainly used for heating water. There will come a time when the technology allows solar cells to provide enough electricity for household use. What happens to EDF/NPower/etc then ? There is *no* way these companies are going to be happy about us getting something for nothing.

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