Comments can now be edited by you for a period – currently 30 minutes – from the time you post them. It’s an alpha plugin so if you notice wierdness, feedback would be cool. Kudos to Jalenack for writing it.

I reinstalled Neverwinter Nights. I played this at some point before but I cannot remember why I stopped or how far I got. My head is wierd like that. And how shallow am I ? Instead of thinking of a game plan, or studying stats, or creating a new character I just picked the most attractive female image 🙂

Know any porn barons / baronettes that want / need a blog to help their business ? You do ? Wonderful – send them my way 😉

Clicking Restart and seeing the computer behave correctly is a wonderful thing after editing the registry and clearing it of junk. I use cleaners regularly but even so there was stuff in there that was clearly not needed – registry. Stupid idea.

Things to write up when I get the drive to do so:

  • Style comments based on author/ping/trackback
  • Various upgrade guides
  • Why you should learn to love Tor and Privoxy
  • Installing Last Visit
  • and update some Codex PDF’s

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