I’ve been fiddling … the comments file now differentiates between my replies, pingbacks and trackbacks and applies a style to each accordingly. Not rocket science but nice nonetheless. Surprisingly easy too and I’ll have a go later at writing it up.

I’m after a freeware telnet client that remembers passwords. I have remembered my last entry, then after doing that I remembered Gary’s comment on that entry so I did it again. And I’m still stuck. Ideas ?

5 thoughts on “Styling

  1. Bad security practice really for that protocol to remember passwords. Don’t know many apps for Windows, but try looking for free MUD clients (which are basically enhanced telnet clients in most cases) until someone comes up with a firm answer.

  2. True – and that’s why the problem for me. It’s only my machines and given I use ridiculous passwords (16 random char) then I have to open Putty, login, open keepass, type in the pw, get to the db entry, copy, paste into putty … must be an easier way 🙂

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