Time for some Tiesto

J goes and rents a carpet-cleaning machine for 24 hours. Get it upstairs, fill with water and detergent. Go plug it into an extension with 3 other plugs. Go to machine, push switch. Lights flicker, no life in machine. Hmmm.. remove plug, stick it into another unrelated socket. Same behaviour. Yell about stupid damn machines, that we expect money back etc etc etc. Empty machine. Take it downstairs. J says “Why not try it one more time”. I plug it into the main kitchen socket – 4 plugs. Click switch on machine. It blew every plug. The kitchen shut down. F*ck. Come upstairs – yep, every plug that was in operation in a socket when I switched the machine on has a dead fuse. It’s 8:30pm on a Friday night. Happy ? Me ? yeah.. right… Trip out to friendly local open_too_early-til-too_late shop, buy all his fuses. Restore electricity to all.
So now it’s time for (fairly loud) Tiesto, some jaffa cakes and a bottle of Vanilla Diet coke….

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