MMORPG’s – which one ?

In a previous life, I played something called ‘Elephant’ (?). I’ve played Diablo2 online, and that’s about it.
So ….. and I’ve asked this over at BritPulse too, what’s a good MMORPG to get started with ?
– Decent learning curve
– NO payments online (none, not a bean, not a cent/penny/pound)
– Theme doesn’t matter hugely
– Game purchase would be okay but I’d rather not as that will have everyone saying WoW and it also presupposes the hardware.

Indranil in #wordpress pointed me at the Kingdom Of Loathing which I’ve had my first day of adventure on (with 8 bonus adventures because I ate 4 bowls of cottage cheese!) and judging by the forum it’s pretty busy over there too.

But what else should I be trying ?

One thought on “MMORPG’s – which one ?

  1. I might try one of these if you get any decent suggestions. I stay old skool and stick with MUD’s when I want a bit of RPG online 🙂 Now that brings back memories … telnetting into a server at a horrendous hour of the morning when I really should have been working on a dissertation 🙂

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