It’s Wednesday

I was told once, years ago, to never ever trust anyone who said the ‘d’ in Wednesday. Strangely enough, they were right both times.

Blogs …. blog blog blog. I’m running 3. This one here which will continue almost as it had. I have another now which is a purely personal blog. Nothing private about it exactly, but I do want to tap out some thoughts but keep those thoughts away from here. After that post a few days ago about having an ‘honest’ blog and saying I wouldn’t, I changed my mind. It has got a focus of what was starting to surface here more – at least I could see things even if you could not. So that’s one. The other blog is where I’m not sure just yet what I’ll be writing about – except the next post which is about WP versions. So this blog will change – but I have not the slightest idea how / when / by how much. Not a clue. Does it really matter ? No, I don’t think so.

And in other news…. the WordPress Reference Center is now back at in the very capable hands of Shadow, I just submitted a wee patchette to WP and I joined my local freecycle group.

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