It’s the sex !

Been playing with Greasemonkey scripts. One script shows by using strike just which links have been ‘nofollowed’ – amusing when you find a blogroll that is liberally sprinkled with the attribute. Another is showing cookie information – it’s fairly incomprehensible – but the main BBC news page is odd. There is a news ticker just under the banner and that ticker is reading a cookie. Can’t seem to grab the info to try and see just where / what it is after .. unless it’s just UK, but then I can see ‘windows’ in there. And there’s one for phpMyAdmin which could be good too.

My eldest daughter has informed me that the latest terminology for something being good is “the sex”.
She’s 15.
So when she describes something as being “the sex” I am to rest assured that all she means is it is good. Whatever IT is of course. I had to enquire about this because her sister and she had swapped bedrooms, and she had sorted her room, got the computer hooked up, got the ‘look’ right and I asked how she liked it. She said “It’s the sex”. You’d have asked too !

6 thoughts on “It’s the sex !

  1. Yikes! I don’t like that one. When my teens think something is superlative, they say, “Sick.”

    As in:

    ME: I bought ice cream for after dinner.

    TEEN: That’s so SICK!

    It’s really confusing, because they are HAPPY to have the ice cream, but their response makes me think I’ve done something BAD.

  2. Part of growing up is to deal with grown up issues like sex. No matter what we do, we cannot shield our children forever from this. Since adolescence is the stage when our children start to get curious on this, we should take the opportunity, too, to properly educate them. It’s important for them to know what sex is all about, the value of sex in our life and the dangers of engaging into sex outside marriage. In your case you have to double your effort since it is your daughter concerned and girls are more fragile in this issue. The fact that you daughter uses computer gives the possibility also that she is into web chat and on line dating. They’re not bad in the first place since they are good medium of communication and meeting people. Web chat is like the whole wide world put in one small room. Besides, it features speedy communication. But of course once in a while it is neccessary for you to remind your daughter of her limits.

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