Busy busy here.

Lots of furniture putting together going on here, along with bathroom fittings, paint, blinds etc. (I never ever ever want to put up another blind. I am destined to live my life without ever getting one 100% perfectly level and it’s all the fault of the concrete lintels. True is that. Honest. Yeah.). J said we needed a new vacuum – seeing as I do all that stuff I said no we did not – quickly adding that I needed new shinies (not had a new gadget in forever!) but I’m still having to work on that angle. Chance of success ? I’d rate a 60% ….

MT …. ‘changed significantly’. Hahanot. Still says ‘Rebuild’, still takes more clicks to publish, still is way too much for a weblog and slow with it. So … that’s deleted and WP installed in it’s place. Hardly a surprise is it I guess coming from an established WP user like me but honestly – if it was what I was after, I would have used it. But it wasn’t.

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