Bird flu is not news ?

Progress of bird flu across Russia tracked by European scientists
GPs briefed on bird flu pandemic
Dutch to shield poultry from flu
Poultry ban ‘not needed for UK’
Britain lets poultry run free despite the threat of bird flu
High cost outbreak also took a vet’s life
Europe steps up attempt to halt lethal pandemic
and then today we have
Flight H5N1 is approaching Britain. Brace for impact
Scary stuff. I obviously have no idea what great plans are in place for the protection and caring of the population, but I rest easier knowing that Tony Blair, his family and colleagues are no doubt fully protected. Let’s face it – His Tonyness (great stuff there Clarkson!) is pretty much quarantined from Real Life anyway.
Bird Flu. Very very scary indeed. Nowhere would be safe.

Edit: I just realised my use of that title is odd. IF this bird flu does pass to humans – as it has done – and IF it then mutates to human-to-human transmission, it could kill tens of millions of people. It’s in Europe. And that list is all the news ? What IS being done and why are we not being told more ? It may be the case that as individuals that we can do little, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be told does it ? Or are the authorities afraid of .. something ? Some reaction ?

4 thoughts on “Bird flu is not news ?

  2. I’m in the field of disaster and bioterrorism preparedness, and this is a huge issue for us, as I am sure you can imagine. Clearly, as you surmise, the mutation into a human-to-human transmissible disease scares the bejeesus out of us. I agree that it is not getting near the amount of press it deserves…

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