On a Sunday

Colossal headache plus a cyclical downswing makes for zero concentration and understanding. Ruby on Rails is now up, linked and active here – just need to figure out where to put the typo directory (and the svn link at leetsoft just will not work for me. Annoying. I’ve been at this too long so I’m taking a break from even trying now – I can’t think straight enough for it. As an easier task though, I’m uploading the latest Movable Type beta and I’ll install that later too. Apparently it’s significantly different to previous versions and you can’t knock what you don’t know can you ? You know where you stand with a company like Six Apart too – that has to be a good thing.

3 thoughts on “On a Sunday

  1. Well, if you’re complaining about the ease of use of installing a bleeding-edge copy, you have no right. That’s why it’s bleeding edge. Download the latest stable: http://typo.leetsoft.com/trac/wiki/DownloadStable Also, please do not confuse setting up a Rails server versus setting up typo. That’s like complaining that WordPress is difficult to install because you don’t know how to configure Apache on FreeBSD.

    BTW, you put typo in the directory you’re serving the subdomain from… say you have typo.tamba2.org.uk pointing to /var/www/rails/typo/public You would put all your files in /var/www/rails/typo so you had a structure like so:



  2. I wasn’t complaining – honest – about the subversion copy, just that the link I could not get to work. I kept getting connection error in the terminal window. Rails I have – it’s connecting the two where I’m slipping up. Thanks for the tip about directories ๐Ÿ™‚

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