Smooth filtering

Made a comment over at Gary’s blog last night. Couple of weeks ago he switched from TXP to Typo (or is it typo ?) and this was the first comment I’d left since. Very very nice indeed. Make comment, click Submit and then the comment just slides into view. No page refresh, it just glides onto the screen. I made two followup comments just to see it happen again 🙂 And thinking about it this morning, although I know it’s AJAX, if things are that smooth for me when I’m just dropping a comment, I want to see how slick it just has to be on the admin side. I mean – it can hardly have a clunky interface can it ? So I’m going to install it. And if it’s as good as I’m reading I might even use it. First thing is a test install but you know I said recently about running two blogs – one being private ? I might use it for that, but not on either of my tamba2 domains. I have ideas but I’m waiting on news too. But I WILL run typo somewhere – I need something now to do.

And filtering … isn’t it just the best ? Two places I frequent I have finally got completely fed up with detritus to the point that I’ve had to filter just to make my world that wee bit more pleasant. Wildcards rule !

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