Playing and failing

Typo is – probably correctly given it’s current state – one for the geeks and they are keeping it that way. I don’t mean that to sound harsh, but when it takes digging around multiple webpages just to get bits of code then either (1) I’m dense (2) my learning curve is steep here or (3) the code is written by people who are assuming a huge amount about their audience. And it’s probably all 3. Not that there is anything wrong with (3) at all – it’s a necessary stage that all code must go to, and hopefully come through if it is ever to make the leap to more mainstream. I can’t see typo doing that just yet though – though I do find it very strange indeed that I could not dig out a single page with a 1-2-3 of installation on it. It took me about two hours just to get to the ‘could not be reached’ message – and every time I tried and failed it took the server offline. So I think I ought to stop for now – and get back to chopping this admin into the shape it was before the last upgrade.

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  1. Typo is currently stable, but Ruby on Rails is only a year old and Typo itself was ‘born’ around the beginning of this year. There are no forums, minimum instructions and not every webhost supports RoR. So it’s probably not for everyone right now. It does have a mailing list and IRC channel though. It’s amazing what has been produced in such a short time and the developers are continually improving the codebase.

    It needs people to document, but when the first book for the framework (Rails) is only just being published you can see how ‘new’ everything is. I’d put together a couple of posts which were nothing more than minddumps on how to install locally and how to install on my webhost (Dreamhost) but it needs something better.

    You can install it locally on XP with XAMPP though. I’ll try and remember how I did it and drop you a mail 🙂

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