It’s frustrating waiting

Not in a bad way, just in a “I wanna, I wanna play” sort of fashion. Two emails I need, then I can go play with Typo. I debated setting it up here .. may yet do that .. just to play with.

Firewalls. Symantec – that well-known producer of bloat disguised in yellow boxes with ‘Norton’ on the sides- has bought Sygate which is a damn shame as Sygate produce a nifty FREE firewall. It may not be as fully featured as your $$$ alternatives, but it works, it doesn’t screw around with your machine and it’s rules are actually easy to understand. Go download a copy. Keep it safe. Once it’s been “Norton’d” it will be decidely crap.

This is cool: Anonymous Message and URL Server

BritPulse – a forum for Brits. It’s cool too – and I’ve got an avatar in the forum 🙂

And in other news, the dog has been out for his first walks.
Technically, he should have waited (okay … WE) until next Monday but what the hell – there aren’t many beasts around here. The girls took him for such a long walk the first day he fell asleep when they got to the park. So yesterday and today, unless he’s been out he’s been shattered and sleeping. Dogs asleep ? Well if they are going to be breathing, then asleep is the next best state for me.

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