Dreaming of a layout

Was reading a book on CSS last night, while also looking at another book on CSS that focussed more on designs. Inspiring stuff indeed – but not before one goes to sleep. At some point I dreamt up a new layout, I made it fully accessible, it all worked well. Then I wake up and find myself unable to even start … damn. Thing is my CSS skills really are better than this site looks, but I either don’t get the time or I don’t care for doing it after all the other stuff. I really should get my ass into gear and write it all.

I’m weller than I was. Just.

This is nice: PNG Alpha Mask Demo

I need to learn subversion. Have client, have tortoise, have webspace to play in. Have no clue. Yet.

Trivia: my current ‘most listened to’ track is Faithless – Don’t Leave.

Smooth brain = window licker

And I switched MAC filtering on the other day with the router – and I can’t tell if it’s working. Does it matter ? Do I care ?

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