Feeling like craponastick

I never sleep in the day. I have always taken the view – even when very very drunk – that sleep is for night, no matter what. This “whatever I’ve got” is getting me not only to bed, but to sleep. The ulcer on the end of my tongue is now about 3mm round (doesn’t seem much….), headaches on the right persist, tiredness, zits and just feeling crap.
What I think happened is that I must have had a ‘high’ episode and been pushing the sleep envelope anyway, I’ve also had 3 visits about 10 days apart to the dentist and each visit has seem me have teeth removed (about 12 so far) which has been stressful because of my worry about dentists, and the amount of healing my body has had to do compared to it’s norm is also huge. When the mania dropped then as is usual, my body takes a few days to recover. But maybe at that point some bug has wandered in and made me it’s home ? It doesn’t actually matter what caused it though – I still feel like crap. Bleurggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.

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  1. Mark,
    Regarding the ulcer on your tongue…could it actually be an injury from the dental work? My ex was a dental assistant for many years, and she told me that she saw many instances of a person getting their tongue drilled. Sometimes this was due to carelessness by the doctor, while other times it was the patient moving their tongue or simply just an accident. When your tongue is numbed from the drugs, you could have the damn thing lopped off without knowing it! (Other than the smell and taste of blood, of course!)

    Get well soon, my friend!

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