Feed searches rule.

Earlier I checked my site bandwidth seeing we are halfway through the month. Yesterday it was 50%, today it’s nearly 60%. Ouch. Up pops a result in a feed search – the url to the WP docs, and the url to FlashGot. Ahh…. 2+2 does = 4. I commented over on the blog in question and the author has very kindly removed the reference. Feed searches – they rule 🙂
And reading them …. hmm… my usual reader has been annoying me with slowness (not yet it’s fault as it’s in beta) so I’ve looked around and tried pretty much every damn RSS reader for Windows there is. In a moment of pure madness yesterday, I even downloaded .NET (see ! I’m maaaaad me !). All junk. Too slow, not enough features, and in one case the reader tore through sites grabbing every feed going – I was getting full feeds and comments feeds too, AND it didn’t obey 304. So, seeing as I have xampp running anyway, I looked at that. Feedonfeeds seems to have stopped development and is ugly as sin, another one whose name I forget couldn’t import opml but Gregarius (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) does the job. Wee problemette with the import of feeds, but some trial and error, along with helpful info from the developer now sees it installed here. It too ran a bit slow, but for other reasons I had to upgrade xampp earlier and now it’s damn quick. Very good indeed. And their devblog is WP too.

Other than that I feel like crap. Multiple ulcers on my tongue – not a good sign I think – along with frequent headaches. Blah.

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