Looking at error logs

There was a time in the life of this domain that my error logs were virtually empty …. then the spammers et al arrived.
Someone from The Guardian has been reading and whatever browser they were using was choking on the image url for the header – didn’t catch the visitor details so I couldn’t nail down what they were using. And this morning I noted that for a couple of hours last night, one IP was hitting random posts here and adding other domains onto the end:
2005] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/-path-/T2/archives/2005/01/12/pedants-and-linkware/www.brokenkode.com
This was hitting about every 40 seconds – using different domains on the end but every single one was a WordPress domain bar one (and that used to be WP), but then it stopped. The IP was 67.* and now the above joker has started tonight. And I’m also noticing that I’m getting hits to some very old urls for directories that have not been on here for over a year. Very odd indeed.

And BB6 has bitten the dust. I’d not seen much of the last few weeks because this machine I moved out of the lounge, but the result was okay. Way back in May I said “Anthony – Could be amusing. Possible.” and of the last 4 he was the guy with my vote. But THE highlight of the series was yer man Science with his inspired

Tweedledim, Tweedledum and Tweedletwat

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