A note about here.

More of a note to self really: I’ve cleaned up the CSS which was long overdue, changed the header image as I was never that keen on it anyway (new image looked very colourful before I assaulted it in PSP) and made some small changes. It all added up so I made it a new theme. Apart from an error which I can replicate but which I’m not bothered about, this page is now WAI-AA accessible. Without a shed-load of work I’m not going to get to AAA, but it’s a goal I might aim at given the future need. A consequence of looking information up was that I have UNchecked the subscribe to comments. It was checked by default. That could have contravened a law or two and while I’m not hugely bothered about most laws, for some reason when I read that I just thought changing the form here was the decent thing to do. So I did. (The error which will break AA is that if a commenter’s name also appears in the links, it fails validation. As that links list is random, and I want it to stay random, I can live with the error. Compared to fixing other stuff, that one error is housetrained.)

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