3 Observations

  1. Why in this interconnected world do people offering support positions insist that you come in and work from their office ? Does it actually matter to customers in the end ? No. Can productivity be measured still ? Yes. Can customer satisfaction be audited ? Yes. So why does it really matter ?
  2. Global warming just got to be a bigger problem than realised but let’s not worry. After all, it’s just nonsense according to GW Bush (There is no serious evidence that man-made global warming is taking place.) despite the fact that 141 other countries take this seriously. WTF does the texan idiot think is going to happen ? That the USA will be ‘spared by God’ ?
  3. There was a 3rd point but I’ve removed it. It would have been misinterpreted. Deeds .. not words.

4 thoughts on “3 Observations

  1. 1. You do have that trust issue with some employers … they need to see people to know that they are being productive. Even though from a cost point of view telecommuting can be a benefit. But a lot of people aren’t as productive when they are away from the office, too many distractions. I work harder when I’m away from an office – which is really annoying personally 😉 But there is also the problem that you aren’t plugged into the system when you aren’t in the office. By that I mean call-tracking, esclation routes and any troubleshooting system. Never mind the problems of attending ad hoc meetings and briefings. They aren’t going to open a hole in their system to let you connect from the outside either … too much hassle. That kind of support is also suffering from outsoucing overseas.

  2. …and you may as well wait for the next ice age in that case.

    I heard on Fox (the finest, most noble, sensible, equitable, fair, unbiased and objective television network on the planet) that in fact, the next Ice Age is due next Tuesday, at 8:00pm EST!

    Being in Canada, I guess that means I’m screwed! I wonder if I can find a girlfriend before then for one last fling before the glaciers move into town? 😛

    Mark, to respond to point number two…they are one nation, under God…they are God’s chosen people! Of course they will be spared!

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