8 thoughts on “Download the WP Docs

  1. Hey bud, just wanted to say, sweet beans. Matt mentioned you were doing this, I sent an email but I’ve not been having much luck with replies recently, something weird is going on with gmail again, it’s done it before. Erm yeah I wanted to offer any help you needed in the design of the pdfs, that sort of thing. Not sure if you got someone sorting that out for you.

    What about hosting? Hasn’t that always been an issue?

  2. Hi Khaled 🙂 I’m sure everything about this can be improved – design / typeface / images, the lot. And I’d like to think that inside of 8-12 months we will indeed have a whole new look. But like it says, I cannot abide all the endless looping convo’s that go on before anything actually gets done. So I did it.
    And hosting ? I should be okay there unless every single WP user grabs files.

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