Colliding js / aristocrats

Very productive day, even though it’s tomorrow already. Done lots more work online than I thought I would get done and even managed to mow the lawn.
And I noticed that the nicer titles js had stopped working. Seems that the FAT which is going on in the right corner clashes with the nicer titles. If I load ntitles.js after the code snippet, I get ntitles. If I do it before, I get FAT. Something to explore later.

And best theme name EVER goes to The Daily Carrot.

I meant to blog this a while ago – this ‘Aristocrats’ joke thing. Does ANYONE get it ? I’ve read it, heard it, seen it reviewed, seen it called the best joke ever etc etc and I just do not have the slightest clue as to why I should laugh. Hell, smiling would be closer than what I do now ! If you know why, or can point me at an explanation, I’d be grateful. Or maybe I’m just missing the point entirely. And for those of you who might have missed it:
“The Greatest Dirty Joke Ever Told” (QT) Absolutely NSFW. Really.
Transcription of the link above

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