Playing with the Command Line

That’s been one area of attention today. Installed WP by svn (test blog, not here) last night which was fast, but I then used ftp to do the config. Tut tut. So next I’ll try a commandline install of svn and regular and do it all with puTTY. Except the database bit maybe. Or not. And this ‘SSH tunnel’ stuff sounds .. interesting so that’s a go too. Oh yes, and I need to find a list of what shortcut keys do things – found myself inside ‘help’ then ‘info’ last night with no apparent way out. No idea which shortcut did the job either as I ended up just mashing keys randomly. Traversing directories quickly would be neat, as would having the guts to try a ‘rm *’ type command – it’s not just my files at risk you see…

I see Robin Cook has died. Crap. He was one of the decent politicians.

Been really busy this afternoon doing stuff which will come to light sooner rather than later I hope.

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