Dead Ads

Today has been marginally less frustrating than yesterday, and the task which so eluded me was achieved mid-morning with much smugness and grinning – the outcome will become apparent in time.

I’ve killed the ads too. Couple of reasons:
– I thought they were ugly
– Because I wanted to check what they were doing, I had to suffer Googleads everywhere. Too_much
– Because although over a year they would indeed have covered hosting, the two reasons above won.
I guess my $13:98 sits in limbo now….
Thing is, mine is just a normal run_of_the_mill blog. It’s not anything in particular and never will be – it ebbs and flows to the pattern of my mind and fingers, so although costs get covered the disruption is going to be much higher than say for a really techy blog where people are interested and have cash to spend – THAT reminds me !!
… Argos today the number of people I had to wait for who seemed incapable of working out this new ‘chip & pin’ stuff was amazing. Not a high hairline between them. Why can’t I have a queue for people with CASH ? REAL MONEY ? You DO still take it ?? Why should I have to waste MY time simply because you haven’t figured out what to do yer damn fools ? If I was a shop assistant, I’d have been either screaming at some of you or dribbling quietly in the corner having knocked myself senseless through frustration…
anyway … as I was saying, yes, the ads, gone. Hmm… that blew my train of thought ..

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