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Put a new front page up over at www.abody.co.uk today (one female nipple on direct view if you click that) and I’m pondering redoing all their galleries too. The format has been the same for a while now, so reducing the images per gallery page by doubling the thumbnail size could produce the desired change. I’ve got the two programs which I need..just a case of getting in there and doing it. Their guestbook code is also now vulnerable to spammers so I’ll probably install WP just to be such a beast if they fancy the idea. And I know the images on that front page could be optimised but…. nah…

Last year, when many WP users were being swamped with spam, I had none. In November, I realised why – the path to this directory was being rendered to lowercase by whatever scripts the spammers were using – and noted that here. Soon after that of course, my little defense was worked round. Email conversation with someone a few days ago about Pagerank. I was told that this bit of my site is a 7, and the firefox extension also says 7. But some pagerank sites say 5, and a couple say 7. Now I couldn’t care what PR it is – it shows up which is what matters – but it would seem that the difference between T2 and t2 is making that happen. The thing is, they are obviously two different directories, so why can’t scripts work round this ? Unix path relic ?

Know any useful greasemonkey scripts ? (I typed that as greaseminkey and had to correct it …. visions of Peter Sellers “Do you ‘ave a license for that minkey ?” … never did find him that funny myself. Hmm…

D texted. Is hating it. So we go get her tomorrow. Portsmouth. Long way.

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