Where is Robert Excell ?

He’s been deported back to the UK after the Australians – who described him as a “notorious paedophile” – decided he was far too dangerous to live in their country.
So now we have a predatory paedophile, with a known history of re-offending, who is able to move freely about in this country.

Yay for freedom eh ?

I hope the tabloids not only find him, but also publish whatever new name he may choose, his photograph and his address. If a single child suffers because of this sub-human, then the fault for that lies not only with the low-forehead and his wife (wtf is that all about ?) but also the authorities.

People like Robert Excell should be locked up and the keys thrown away. Or hung.

16 thoughts on “Where is Robert Excell ?

  1. i had a knock at my door tonight my friendly neigbour proceeded to tell me robert excell was living 5 doors down in the bugalows. as u can imagine im horrified im a mother of two very young sons and 1 on the way who is also a boy im disgusted and so scared to evan walk out my door and will be doing my vey best to rid him of this lovley village please help us rid him

  2. The News of the World should be congratulated for finding this beast, he truly is a monster! How on earth is he allowed to live near a school?! Kathryn, I think you’ll have no problem ridding him from your village, I think the story in the paper will have him on his toes and with his picture too he will find it hard to hide away now! This guy has re-offended at every opportunity, the News of the World have prevented something terrible happening again hopefully.

  3. yep hes been moved hidden away yet again at taxpayers expense. police came round this morning to tell us hes been moved and wont be coming back glad for us but not glad for anyone else who comes across him. Its been a long couple of days i dident sleep a wink last night can not belive they would put him so near to children its unthinkable. Hope he has to keep running and running someone will get him thankgod our tabloids are happy to expose these beasts thanks for your comments its helped now we can get over the shock and keep our lovley comunity going strong.

  4. Kathryn I am so glad you are now rid of this animal I saw the paper yesterday and new just were it was I drink in Hanney every week I live in Grove near the health centres and am horrified that they can let him live so close to a playground and school I went straight into my daughters school in Challow this morning to make them aware the headmistress was pretty shocked I just wish we could get rid of the rest of the animals that walk our streets I believe there are 11 within Wantage and Grove

  5. He’s back and just round the corner… The People ran a story about him living in Abingdon on 5th November 2006 next to two schools and a childrens nursery! He’s only 6 miles from East Hanney too! Picture of him sitting next to mother and child outside supermarket! Sick bastard, why can’t he be sent abroad and give us all a break. This man is pure evil.

  6. What i would like to know is why on earth would his wife stay with him knowing what he’s done to those young children??! She’s obviously stuck by him for years and i can’t for the life of me imagine why! Does she really think that it’s her that he’s really lusting after?

  7. Robert Excell lives at the end of my road. He is allowed to roam round our town freely. His wife must be as sick as he is to be with such a monster. We live near two schools one of which is right next to his home. We have been in the paper trying to get him kicked out but the police seem to protect him and tell us he is no threat. Once a peodophile always a peodophile.

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