She’s 14 and for the first time she is away on holiday for a week with a friend. Today has been the first day without her around and even though she’s been away for a night or two before, this time it feels weird. the house just seems emptier. I know that’s a daft thing to say, and maybe even feel, but it is the way I feel it today.
This must be one of those parenting ‘things’ I have to go through … I’m not worried about her at all. She is perfectly capable of looking after herself, being daft when it’s important and sensible when necessary, and she’ll not be homesick, but I guess it’s the fragmentation ? This is all now part of getting those wings and becoming ready to fly the nest in a few short years. All good, all healthy, all needed, all inevitable but things like this still have that oddly sad edge to what is actually a really good thing.

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