Damn Thunderbird’s Filters

Like most people I guess, I filter lots of email. Not just mailing list traffic, but also personal mail when the frequency increases. Normally, I’ll create a folder that sits at the same ‘level’ as the default folders that Thunderbird uses. Mail arrives, I see a (1) and I go read. Very easy. About 6-8 weeks ago, I hit a very busy patch where about 9 people were mailing me frequently, so I created a new folder, and then made sub-folders into which their mail was filtered. Whoops. Somewhere, I clicked the small icon which collapsed all the sub-folders. Every day I would read and answer other mail.. and because the top folder of those sub-folders remained apparently empty – no (post count) – I didn’t open it. Whoops again. I just did. I have a stack of emails which have not just been unanswered, the person sending them in more than one case thinks I’m ignoring them. Crapsticks. Apologies, very profuse apologies, have shot out from here in the last few minutes.

Given that Thunderbird allows this filtering, and for viewing ease it can be necessary, I am gobsmacked that it has allowed silent delivery. It hasn’t alerted me at all to the fact that a new mail has been filtered into a subfolder. Why ? Surely that’s basic behaviour ? I’m off to the TB docs & forums ……..

Update: It would seem to be a bug. Such is life eh ? And to be honest I can’t recall any other bugs causing me any sort of grief, and apart from the OS I run only two other commercial programs, the rest being free and/or OSS, so overall I can’t really complain. That said, I do have to hope my apologies are accepted.

5 thoughts on “Damn Thunderbird’s Filters

  1. Markorelli…
    I have Office XP, and used to use Outlook. I quit using it because I hated how hard it was to sort mail. I have found TB to be a bit better in that regard, but I do share your frustration with the management of the folders and filters. Outlook has a lot of third-party enhancements available, but I live in an open-source reality; I would rather support a community effort than the companies making gobs of loonies off of a commercial product like M$ Office.

    If you find anything worthy of mention, do share it with us, please? Please? Don’t make me beg…more…please? 😛

  2. I am a long term user of Eudora Pro who recently switched to Thunderbird. Currently I forget why. I absolutely hate the way TB filters. I miss the “stationary” that Eudora did, which was easier to access than the TB “templates”, but mostly I miss the fact that it was all in one window — tabbed like Firefox. I just don’t understand why they didn’t use the same technology in their email program.

  3. Oh, as well, I think that there are some bugs in the filtering as well. Often I have emails that are not getting moved into their respective folders. If I run the filter manually, they will move, so I know the filter is fine. Can’t seem to pin this down, however. No real pattern with a particualar account or filter.

  4. I used Thunderbird for a while and got on ok with it. I’m currently cursing AOL because I more or less have to use their email thing. I’m not very technical and I actually preferred Outlook Express, but I don’t get a massive amount of mail. AOL do get points for not much spam getting through.

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