Worse and yet better….

So the gas gets switched off two days ago because it’s unsafe. Then we are woken in the night by a heavy drip-drip in the roofspace above our bed. Hmm… the ceiling is wallpapered and I can see and feel the paper has come away from a metre wide section of the ceiling. Initially I left it at that and just rang the agents to tell them. An hour later, the skies opened and the drip not only got faster, but it was accompanied by what sounds like overflows. Good eh ?
Up into the roofspace ….. our bedroom is an extension over the garage so there is the original wall in place with a hole – and I do mean a hole through to the extension roofspace. And to get to this hole requires the flexibility of a pre-pubescent russian gymnast – there are pipes and cables and bits of wood and a water tank all between me and the hole. By moving around the other side though I can see the dripping and I can see a sodden patch of insulation that is at least 4 feet long between the joists. I rang the agents back. I reminded them that I had in fact warned them about a dodgy tile on the roof at least 2 months ago, and that should anything get damaged, I will happily supply the list of damaged items for their insurance company. I mentioned that the roofer they contact ought to bring a small child to do the surveying too.
An hour later – the purpose of my calls not only being to alert them to the problem but also to remind them we had no gas – they ring back. Everything can go ahead ! Gas starts being sorted tomorrow, and the roof guy will ring. They also mentioned that the landlord says Yes, we can have a dog – that’s nice 😉

(The roof guy just rang – he can’t do anything until it stops raining. Why do I find that amusing ?)

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