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Was asked a couple of time recently about the Search on here, so I’ve tried a couple.
Didn’t like the default results. I liked the technorati results, and had they been accurate I’d have liked them even more. Adding a Google search was just too much work to make something ugly a bit better and they wanted their logo too. Couldn’t find an MSN search to add. Couldn’t think of any others, so nipping over to http://weblogtoolscollection.com I checked out the Advanced contextual search which Mark has had running there since July of 2004. Just what I wanted. Good search, snippets of posts displayed instead of the whole thing and paged results too. Now it’s even easier to see how I’ve probably contradicted myself somewhere before ๐Ÿ™‚ If you grab that, the search.php is written for 1.2.x so you’ll need to wrap the code in 1.5ness to get the display working properly, and do read the comments over there – a small edit is needed in the search.php file or paging breaks.

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