Game Over x 2

My Dreamcast died. Won’t boot. Tried everything I could find online and it’s a no-go. This means that I now can’t play Metropolis Street Racer – the best console racing game of it’s time. A game that was superb in every respect and which M$ then bastardised for the inferior PGR/PGR2. So that was one bad thing.

Then the PS2 finally died. It’s been groaning and grinding recently, but with patience it would boot. The gameplay / sound effects were skipping a lot but some games (like Tempest) were perfectly playable. But it too has whirred it’s last.

Two consoles gone .. add into that a headache from hell most of the day and it’s not been the best recently. Now I’ve got to talk J into the purchase of a new PS2 and I can’t see how I can right now….

7 thoughts on “Game Over x 2

  1. Out of interest I have resurrected PS2 on more than a few occasions.
    Get into the beast, you’ll be surprised at the amount of crap that gets in there. Get to the tray and the lens. Tin of compressed air comes in very handy here. Blast away and then clean the lens. worth a try eh.:wink:

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