Getting the very last word.

I’d seen ICE linked in a few places – the BBC and Random Acts of Reality are just two places. It’s an excellent idea and one I’ve talked to J and the girls about (I am a mobile-free zone), but I wondered this morning – as I was also thinking about the impending visit to the dentist (I had just the one tooth out today. Wisdom tooth, left side. No pain and thankfully it’s just out of reach of my tongue. The others I had out my tongue kept looking for and poking into the freshly vacated sockets….) and I got to pondering what would happen if I suddenly died. Okay … I don’t mean the biological aspects, I mean that here – or rather there (I’m pointing at your computer screen) all you would see is that a couple of days had gone by without a post. I’d have more traffic as people would wonder why I was not posting elsewhere … so I was thinking that maybe a more final version of ICE would be an idea.

It’s NOT easy ! This machine is never locked in any way, and so getting at email passwords just isn’t needed. The password database password I wrote down … so that’s the first thing I thought. Next I wondered about what to write to here, and what to write in emails. I have sat and thought, and thought and thought … and I have no idea what to say. Here I am with a golden opportunity to say what I want, to have the last word, to leave a monument to my being here and I’m clueless. (That bit I just wrote about ‘a monument’ – that’s crap but you know what I mean). What DO I write ?
For some reason, a few people read this stuff so to just disappear would be rude and although I would not be in a position to pop in and apologise, I AM in the position now to prepare – but what ? You know one of the hardest things I ever did ? Press the DELETE key on the mobile phone for someone who had died. That was very upsetting .. the finality, the callous digital disregard (it’s only data!) and there is one person who I KNOW is dead but I still have the guy’s feed, I still have his site in my bookmarks – it would feel wrong to delete, and I didn’t even know him. So don’t we owe it to others to make a ‘blogwill’ ? Maybe that’s the wrong thing … wrong term .. do you know what I mean though ?

Maybe an image would do the trick…


6 thoughts on “Getting the very last word.

  1. I think about that last post kind of thing alot. It’s tough for lots of reasons, one of which is that we don’t know how we’re going to die (generally), what’s going to happen between our composing of the exit post and the moment of death, how we’ll feel as we make that non-digital exit. So maybe we write this loving, generous, hey-everybody-take-care-of-yourselves-ok? kind of post, and our last sentiment, say as we’re hacked to death in a dark alley and realize how all those people really were out to get us – well it’s just disconcerting that the blog would be smiling so serenely all the while.

    Golly that was longer than I’d planned. And definitely spooky, like gpshewan says. Hey, about the wisdom teeth stuff, I’m here to tell you to be grateful that your dentist didn’t make a pass at you after doping you up on codeine. I assume your dentist didn’t make a pass at you. Otherwise, my condolences, but maybe that’s something you can work into the / life post.

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