The Putting On of a Sticker

Gas engineer came round today as the Landlord’s certificate needed renewing. He did the fire first, and even my inexperience around such things could tell it wasn’t going to plan. Testing, umming, erring, much lighting of smoke bombs (sort of). In the end he slapped a large sticker on the fire saying we couldn’t use it. I did point out that as he had told me, and that as I would tell the rest of the family, and that as it was summer, that he need not bother with the sticker. He could save it for something important. Apparently though, the “Putting On Of Stickers” is an extremely important part of the job – and no way could I interfere with The Professional. Wearing his smug “I Got To Use A Sticker” face, he wandered to the cooker. He tried, oh yes, but the cooker was fine. We were quits at this point. Then he went to the boiler.
He chatted that it needed a service (did I mention it was about 16:35 by now ?) and that he’d only be a minute. I wandered off to the lounge. 5 minutes later he zips into the room and starts squirting something at the caps he’s used to block the fire. Then he zips out again. Back only a few seconds later he starts waving what looked like a gas lighter around under the fire and he moves rapidly out of the room. I follow. In a casual tone, I ask him what’s up. He tells me there’s a leak. Oh ….. and it’s not just a little leak. He talks about pressures, asks me if I’ve smelt gas … Nope, all is good say I. He then expresses surprise that the house is actually standing. He isolates everything, tests, isolates and removes the meter and tests, nips round with his gas detector (not lighter) and in the end gives up. He cuts our gas off completely. I’ve told the agents by this time that at 9am tomorrow J will be talking to them – I consider this to be a charitable act. We’ll be needing new pipework from the meter. Not a cheap job. Even if it were us having to find someone it would take time, but having to go through an agent to the landlord could take forever. Because J does not understand the term ‘forever’ and because we have a contract which says we have gas (and lets face it if we removed a window they’d pick at us!) they need this warning – and then Mr Engineer hands me a number of forms all of which I have to sign. Lots of big WARNING forms. As he’s picking up all his gear, I sneak a look at the meter and the boiler – they look fine. Not working of course but they are fine … he was pretty cheerful as he left, almost congratulating himself on having something other than a run-of-the-mill callout … and then as he shut his van door and started his engine, I realised why he was so happy. He’d stickered the whole damn house.

2 thoughts on “The Putting On of a Sticker

  1. I hope you checked his ID before letting him in ?:razz: I guess if you had peaked in his van you would have seen roll after roll of warning stickers. I think you made this guys day for him. Here’s hoping You get a speedy response from your land lord.

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