Mac Owners and a Brick

Which is the most likely to happen:

  1. A brick sprouting legs and walking ?
  2. A Mac owner to admit that Apple could be even the slightest tiniest bit wrong in anything they have ever done or ever will do ?

(The answer is the odd number)

It gets a bit bloody tedious when Mac owners try and lord it all over Windows users (at least Linux users are too busy bickering among themselves about which variant is better and how hardcore they are because it took 6 months to compile their custom code). Why is it that some Mac owners just completely fail to see that Apple has it’s failings ? What do you lot do – admit it only to each other and keep the united front to diss all MS products ? Why is it that MS could produce a quality product yet you Mac dweebs would leap all over it ? If MS had created an ‘iTunes’ of their own, you’d all be screaming about how badly it performed, how it was exclusionary, how it didn’t play by so many rules – all of which are completely true for the Mac product yet you lot fall at the feet of Jobs and continue to praise everything he does ? What’s up with you lot ? Did you get shown a photo of Jobs when you were babies ?

22 thoughts on “Mac Owners and a Brick

  1. Crap.

    You’ve read all the commentary as people fainted at the switch to Intel and how a lot of people thought it was a very, very bad idea? Or how Spotlight and Dashboard in Tiger is just not good enough? Or how in Tiger is also a little dodgy (when will it stop forgetting my passwords … I’m moving back to Entourage)? Or how about the grumbling that .mac accounts just aren’t worth it anymore?

    iTunes isn’t exclusionary. I can pull any track out of the libray and play it on anything else. The only problem would be for Audible audio books. There is DRM on purchased music but this is because the record companies demanded it and Apple wouldn’t have had the catalogue to release through it’s music stores if they didn’t implement it. I assume you’re still on a Podcast rant. Well Apple have a right to control their directory. But you don’t have to go there. Try podcastalley for one. I seem to remember that winamp are going to implement podcast integration as well. Don’t blame Apple if the producers of the podcast you want to listen to only want to distribute it through the Apple route.

    Bashing all Mac owners is pointless. It’s like me tarring all Windows users as clueless conduits for zombies and spam. But that’s not the case so I don’t say that.

    Instead of having a rant, use the lazyweb. Say what you want, say what problem you have and ask if anybody has any suggestions.

  2. “It’s like me tarring all Windows users as clueless conduits for zombies and spam. But that’s not the case so I don’t say that.”

    but many many many people do.

  3. But I’m allowed to vent.
    As a satisfied user of Windows who knows more about what’s going on inside my machine that your average Mac user, I get mightily pissed at the constant sniping and assumptions that simply because I am a Windows user that I also have scabs on my knuckles.

  4. But seriously, when we Mac users are only, what, 5% of the PC market, you can’t be hearing that much about Macs Ruling and Windows Drooling, can you?

    Exactly! And, take a moment to think about how many comments that I have to hear about about “Mac users are assholes,” “Macs suck,” and “Mac user never admit that they’re wrong.” That’s right, I have to hear that a whole lot more than you do, Mark. These comments get thrown around like rice at a wedding, as if no one cares what is said. Well, I have news for you. Out that 5% market share Mac users fill, not all of us are assholes, not all of us suck, and not all of us never admit that we’re wrong. I hear this kind of crap from PC users day-in and day-out. And, no, not all PC users are assholes like that. I am, however, disappointed to see you following in their footsteps.

  5. Go MacManX and Bonnie! Hit it right on the mark. Even though I don’t use a mac yet (I’m saving), when I discuss them I still get flamed. I have come up with a very simple reason why mac users get flamed. Wanna know what it is? Okay. They want a mac. They love macs. They secretly look at the apple web site and masturbate to the PowerMac G5’s seductive lines. Yep, Thats my answer.

  6. Do I want a Mac ? No.

    Do I have to justify what I write ? Also no.

    Do I take kindly to personal attacks ? Oddly enough, no.

    (Those 3 lines above are what is known as a ‘shotgun’ approach. Decide for yourself if you were hit).

    And the ads ? Simple – adsense was accumulating no money compared to page impressions and I would like the site to pay for it’s upkeep. The vast majority of the visit to the domain and for WP help and that’s fine. But it doesn’t pay the hosting bills and the donate button is not used. The placement … might play with that at some point.

  7. I don’t.

    It’s complicated but in the end, I’m my wife’s carer. It’s very complicated actually .. she has MS and when she’s in relapse I do everything. When she’s not in relapse I do everything except what she wants to do. Bah … this makes no sense. But do I have a paying job ? No. The state chuck me a few quid to look after J, kids, house etc.

  8. The worst fans are dumb fans. The worst kind of people are extremists. The saddest way to judge all Mac users is by saying they’re all wrong.

    Sorry, Mark, but sometimes, y’know… 😉

    I wholly admit that there are flaws, but what you’re doing is wrong too. I know there’s a word for it, but I forgot it, but it basically sums up that a debating adversary can make it look like all of your arguments are bull because one isn’t fully true. It’s wrong to do that, in debating and in ranting.

  9. Rob – true, but then the first person to comment who has never ever posted some thing that is wrong out of frustration and anger can be the only one to have a pop back (which I note you are not doing 🙂 )

    It’s my blog and I’ll yell if I want to 🙂

  10. Thank god I have a job doing what I love, but it sucks when your PC/Windows using colleagues take *every* opportunity to belittle *me* for what I do (and I do it well).

    Mark, I am forced to go on my Windows training in less than a month, if I enjoy it and want to switch, you’ll be the first to know. 🙂

  11. “count the number of Windows users yelling at me for being so wrong.”

    How many Windows users did you blanket insult?

    It’s your blog, so write what you want. But with open comments people have a right to reply. Everybody has bad moods and rants … but I still don’t see the point of this one beyond “Mac users suck … so there!” … I can’t really spot the intelligent arguement cum debate in that.

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