2 thoughts on “Blame the Germans

  1. Dear Independent,
    Very nice piece of racist literature. I am glad you are doing your bit to promote the negative stereotype of Germans. Aside from the number of spelling mistakes you have made in quoting the German title of the new book, I am not quite sure what your article was meant to day? Watch out they are stealing your inventions?
    And honestly, don’t you think that the TV, light bulb, computer and telephone constitute “the world”. Perhaps the next time someone vandalises your BMW, Mercedes or other German-made goods after another England vs. Germany football match, you will be able to understand.
    You probably don’t realise it, but there are close to 60,000 Germans in the UK and many mixed marriages and Anglo-German children, who suffer constant abuse – not at the hands of their neighbours, but from endless xenophobic media tirades and misinforming articles, much like the one I am referring to now.
    I suggest that you take a language course in German, perhaps actually visit the country and talk to some people. Perhaps this will change your biased and ignorant views which shine all to transparently through the thin veneer of tabloid journalism you are obviously aspiring to.
    Congratulations once again.

  2. Yes, I agree. Sometimes it is pretty one-sided and very crude the way parts of the media treats “the” Germans. After all we are all humans, sometimes we need to remind people of this common humanity. Sad but true. One cannot hold a German baby being born responsible for a mass murderer like Hitler. But with the way parts of the media behaves, it seems legitimate. In any case, Germans are harmless, this is why the media can easily use them as a scapegoat. Self-confident Germans don’t have much of a chance to express themselves. At the same time, there are real social and other problems our, and any, society faces. These acute problems, however, are seldomly addressed in a frank manner. One is poverty… the list goes on.

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