Small and … well … ugly !

I lost. I pointed out all the hassles. I pointed out the expense. I pointed out possible future complications. I made my point very clear. I established my position on the matter very firmly – nicely but firmly. And then I lost. Did I expect to win ? Hmmm…….why have I not learnt by now ?


The current name (as chosen by the girls) for the hound is Winston – I have chosen and will stick to “Beast”.
It has waaaaay more skin than body and is uglier than it looks there. A lot uglier – but then I love cats, not dogs. Cats rule – and both cats have already begun to teach Beast that in the food chain, he is at the bottom. But J loves dogs and if she is happy, that’s what matters. He’s a Great Dane (not yet he isn’t !)

15 thoughts on “Small and … well … ugly !

  1. Winston is a bulldog name! How about “Hamlet” instead? Or if you’re partial to Prime Ministers, how about “Tony”? (Heh!)

    My friend raised a Great Dane. The first thing she’ll tell you is to get a dog trainer ASAP. She says the earlier the better; that training them in utero is not too soon.

  2. Did I expect to win ?
    I doubt that, living with as many women as you do. πŸ˜‰ I feel your pain, truly, since I grew up in a house full of men! (Even the dogs were male!)

    Speaking of the canine…I think he’s kind of cute myself. Though…Winston doesn’t really seem to suite him if you ask me. But then he’s not mine, so what do I really care. πŸ™‚

  3. That nose looks way pink and wet. If you do the old tailors trick, grab all lose skin and peg it back, he would look a handsome mutt. Just you wait till it wants to sit on your lap!! I guess a small discrete 666 tattoo would be fitting of its name the beast…:razz:

  4. What a face! Not nearly as scary as the first picture I saw of you, though! LMAO!

    Great Dane, huh? Good thing you guys choose a lap dog! Oh, man, I’m so damn funny this morning I can hardly believe it.

    As far as a name, how about this one…”Kubrick”? πŸ˜›

  5. Just remembered something about a girl I used to share a house with. Her father kept sheep and as a result had a sheep dog. It was just a working dog so stayed in a shed out near the sheep and its name was “F**k Ya”! I can just see him standing out in the field roaring at the top of his voice “C’mere Fuck Ya!” πŸ˜€

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