Bird Flu

There could be 50,000 deaths in the UK due to bird flu. And according to that same page, the pandemic is not a ‘maybe’ or ‘possible’ or ‘if we get unlucky’ it’s inevitable. Fifty thousand deaths. That’s a HUGE number. A Google search for bird +flu +pandemic grabs 316,000 results … “An influenza pandemic will spare nobody. …” Don’t you find this seriously scary ?
Short of living in a cave and seeing no-one, how can you protect you and yours ? It’s nigh on impossible. Sure the Govt will lay on two million vaccine doses to protect their asses and those of a few emergency workers, but how can it cope with that number of deaths ? They’ll ban graves and insist on cremations, they can’t stop international travel (and where are you off to this summer ?) and no doubt we’ll have the rise of the “It’s because of Man’s sins!” brigade – and who knows, they could even be right. And even if they do buy all that vaccine, just one tiny change in how the virus is structured renders it useless. Two million vaccines + one mutation = ………

50,000 dead though – I can’t comprehend that. It’s too large a number. And that’s what they are predicting for the UK alone.

This is wierd. Go to the / World Crises page. No mention of bird flu. Click on the ‘by region’ option and Asia has a single story: “…but experts say they will need many more than the few million doses now on hand.. So that news article, that single news article, concerns the deaths of millions of people, yet it does not warrant even the front page. Why ? Are some govts hoping that voters for the opposition will the ones wiped out ? Are they hoping it will hit other countries but spare them ? Are they trying to get it into other countries ? (Would you put it past them to do so ?) or is it just that this thing is going to be so huge, so fast and so deadly that they really are powerless ?
Searching on the New York Times for Bird Flu. First number is how many days covered in the search, second is how many stories: 365/1400, 90/277, 30/101, 7/39 – the numbers are going UP. From that first search to the last represents a 50% increase in the coverage.

Here’s a prediction: Shares in drug companies will rocket, shares in airlines and other mass transportation will fail. Aircon doesn’t sound as good either does it ? One person in a plane / on a train / on a bus / in the office block ….. that’s all it would take. Would ? According to what I’m reading, it’s ‘will’.

Who will be our Randall Flagg ?

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