The Book meme

Thrown at me by Jennifer

Number of books on the shelf
I’ve seen 100 on a few blogs that have done this, so I’ll count. Hang on …. 156. There would be more but 2 shelves are given over to games / CD’s and the like. (2 shelves are double packed). There are boxes of books in the garage too.

Last book purchased
That would be a Michael Palin book I think …or Clarkson

Currently reading
Right now .. quite a few. My concentration level isn’t great right now so I’ll tell you the books with bookmarks in: A Can of Madness, The World According to Clarkson, Himalaya (Palin), Slow (Carl Honore), Atomised, Bullet Points, Shangai Baby, My Secret Garden, Bleak House, Grumpy Old Men, A Brilliant Madness. CSS books are open and closed frequently, and I’ve yet to finish Zeldman’s Web Standard book.

Last 5 books read
A Million Little Pieces, A Year in the Merde, Bringing Down the House, Ghost Girl. I can’t remember further back than that.

Books that mean a lot to me
A Million Little Pieces – read it and you’ll know why.
Why Men Lie & Women Cry – superb. Just essential reading.

Who I am throwing this at ?
Dino, Jayne, Gary, Etanisla and Samantha or Melissa

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