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Aardvark – a Firefox extension. Complements the webdev bar and others that assist in development and troubleshooting. Integrates into context menu. Very nice indeed.

Asterisk Key – shows any hidden passwords on the screen. Other utilities will do this for browser windows, but this will do it for apps (such as Filezilla). Shareware, but the trial covers 30 uses (and if you still need it after 30 – pay! You DO need it ๐Ÿ™‚ )

SCR – useful utility (13KB) for search/replace across multiple files. Saves having to open huge files. – I’m all for bandwidth saving ๐Ÿ™‚

From Mozillazine is this which I was searching for yesterday:
Q: How can I change the order in which the engines are shown?
a.Type about:config in the location bar
b.Type in the filter
c.Change the values as you wish

Bad day – I would have loved to have seen this happening !

SLH linked to the very cool Optimus keyboard yesterday. But if that is too advanced, or you need one set up just for chatting, then get the cash out for the rofl3000. – YES HE IS !!!

Yetisports – (the final) part 9 is out.

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  1. The “Bad Day” thing (I’m ashamed to admit) happened in Galway. Below are two links. The first shows the real event and the second explains what is fake etc. The whole thing seems to be very well documented on the internet. Try searching for “Michael Long Truck and Crane Hire”

    Apologies for the dodgy soundtrack on the second ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yo man, that Optimus keyboard has been something I’ve dreamed of for a while now. Not that I knew how to make one, but I sure would have wanted to see one that did something like that, which was switch the display on the keys to match what they were doing.

    Now I won’t have to re-label my keyboard should I ever switch to Dvorak. Not that I might, at this point, but that thing is just too darn hot, ya?

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