A Peace Rally – why ?

The city of Leicester – a few miles to my left as I type – has a varied ethnic mix and for an english city, a high percentage of people of Asian descent. Nothing wrong with that at all. In fact when I go to other cities I am often struck by the prevaling ‘whiteness’ of the crowds in a city. I just read that today there will be a Peace rally in the city this afternoon. Why ?
I honestly cannot see the point. The organisers would say that they want to show people that they stand together with everyone against the bombings / bombers. I think this sort of rally is provocative. Reasonable people within the community will have known before the bombings that not all “muslims are bad”. Reasonable people do not need telling more than once. As such, this rally serves no purpose. On the other hand, the idiots out there – such as the National Front – will not listen to anything at all and would view a rally like this as being a “cover” or as “hypocrisy” and it would ignite retaliation. So the rally serves only a negative purpose. Why do it ? Is it because they believe that religion will conquer all ? Get real people – that’s what started all this. Is it probably because someone in a community wants to get on the TV ? Very probably. Will this rally be of any practical use whatsoever however you measure it ? No.

One-off shows demonstrate nothing.

3 thoughts on “A Peace Rally – why ?

  1. Mark,
    I think that a rally like this is more about people who feel powerless and wish to do something which demonstrates how they feel. We can’t do anything about terrorism directly, so publically voicing disdain for such acts gives people an outlet. Sure, it really doesn’t accomplish anything per se, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t value to getting out there and doing something.

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