August munch. I’ll not be there. Mainly because of no cash. I don’t mean “I have some and I just won’t use it” or “savings don’t count”. I actually mean I have none to spare beyond daily living. That said, like anyone, if something comes along which I really really wanted to go to, I would try very hard to find some money. But as much as there are a couple of people I would love to see again, there will be people there I do not – and my tolerance level these days is zero. So my desire to save what bits I can is gone – why waste it when I’ll be in the presence of sycophantic, lying and untrustworthy people ? (One of the things about a blog where you try to act so damn cool and clued-in is that things you say return to bite you. Remember that …. it means I can see that even now you continue to lie.)

8 thoughts on “UPB

  1. Yep, similar reasons as to why me and Jayne wont be there. Lack of cash, wrong end of the country, and lack of inclination. That and the fact that we both know that once Ive had a few, theres a very good chance I might say a few things that could offend one or two people.

  2. Krys – it’s not you.

    It’s one twat in this country who I did not speak to last time and two twats who may be there from the US. I do remember what went on, what was said and what was NOT said, I do not forgive and believe me, my tolerance level is a flat zero.

    Another time ? I doubt that will happen ….

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