I’m alive – and so is the dentist!

Took music, didn’t need it. Injections were plentiful and painless (not that needles bother me at all). Full 360° xray of head taken, sat and waited while lower left jaw went number than ever before and then in, work, out. JD in a couple of minutes. I was actually grinning like a loon I was so surprised at the whole thing. So now I have a wad of cottony stuff to bite down on – he said to do this for 10 minutes but you can’t be too careful can you ? couple of hours should be better I reckon… and in a minute, with the aid of a straw and the knowledge that I have a plentiful supply of t-shirts, I will attempt to take some painkillers in a futile bid to stay pain-free after the injections have worn off. Drool on !

4 thoughts on “I’m alive – and so is the dentist!

  1. Mate,
    Next appointment, take some painkillers before going in. That way you shouldn’t really have too much discomfort after the freezing comes out. BTW, the wad of cotton thingy is to help the blood to clot. If you have it for too long in your mouth, you may actually dislodge the clot when you remove it, thus starting the bleeding all over again.

    My college roommate was in dental assisting school. I was a guinea pig for her and many of her friends during college, so I’ve spent more than a fair share in the chair.

    How the poetry simply falls off my tongue, eh?

  2. heh – scares ? I developed taps in my palms I was sweating and shaking that much !
    There is no residual pain actually and I’ve been able to eat on the other side okay which is cool. And tomorrow I can head to the gym and not have this on my mind still ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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