Dismantling my face

Tomorrow morning I have my second dental appointment of the last 10 years (at least). I saw him last week where – after J had made the appt and followed it up with some very clear instructions – he looked inside my mouth with nothing more than a gloved finger. No pointy steel bits probing my teeth thankyouverymuch. Anyway, I need some work doing. Some is what he would call an ‘understatement’ – I need loads of work. And then some. I asked for / negotiated that I get a first appt, then one appt a week for 4 weeks. Each appt does one half of one jaw. Lots of needles to numb. I can handle needles. It’s the drills I can’t do – actually it’s the whole experience makes me ill. I’m not feeling well about it sitting here typing now so tomorrow I’ll be in bits before. Wonder if he’ll let me take my mp3 player in and crank it up to deafening ? Tomorrow though, before he does anything, he wants an xray. Now when I last went and had a teeth xray, you tucked this small plasticy bit of something in your mouth and bit on a another bit which kept it steady as the assistant pressed a button and dived for cover. I am assured that things have moved on though and this time it will be something that takes a 180° image. As such, my facial metal will get in the way. The dentist, in what I felt was a very paternalistic manner and tone of voice and face told me to remove my “meccano”. I’d insult him but he holds enough fear for me without his needing to think about reducing the analgesic level. About 9am tomorrow there will be the sound of clicking as I remove the guilty material – I think it’s 11 chunks of steel. The last time my face / head was devoid of added steel ? Somewhere around 1982 …….

3 thoughts on “Dismantling my face

  1. Okay, what you do is this:
    Reach over, and grab his family jewels firmly, but not enough to cause any pain. Then, look him straight in the eye, and ask him a simple question: “We aren’t going to hurt each other, now, are we?”

    I’d take the MP3 player and use it. I usually take music with me, and never had a complaint. The dentist only gets annoyed when I fall asleep.

    Music, dark glasses, and think about your “Happy Place(s)” and you’ll do just fine.

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