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The BBC – somewhat mistakenly in my opinion – is seen as a fair and unbiased reporter of news. The news site it has dwarfs any opposition, and unlike the newspapers which have clear political links, the BBC professes to having none (not linking to this is fairly major though: Which US based online news site would be considered to be fair / impartial ? I ask because I want to read more there but I’m unaware of the links, and not knowing them is key to reading what they don’t write. What do you read and why ?

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  1. Mark, I for one have long ditched the idea of finding a news site that holds true to its claims of impartiality. There is a big difference between being impartial and being fair, though. What I have learned to do over the almost three years of being attuned to current events is to try to gather news from sources whose opposing biases are either professed, or nonetheless onvious.

    News—the truth—is too valuable to be trusted from one source alone; if we assume that the truth is somewhere down the middle, then the best way is to diversify one’s reading. I read the New York Post, Washington Times, The New York Times *and* The Washington Post, as a small sampling of stuff I read from. I watch both FOX News and NBC news. (The BBC’s reporting, however, is a bit too dry for my ears.) I just don’t tend to link to news articles because, well, it’s not too interesting these days, ya?

    If you want news from the USA that follows a bit of the BBC’s model, try the NYT.

  2. I use the Slate to find a summary and comparison of stories major US papers are covering, and sometimes go from there… I like the Christian Science Monitor, which despite it’s name doesn’t discuss religion much, although it is run by their church the view is that the pursuit of the truth is a virtue. I am also a regular reader of the BBC (I use firefox’s livelines plugin to monitor new stories via RSS) and skim the Guardian and the Independent for non US centric views of events. I also like reading The NY Times (especially their op-ed page which incidentally, although clearly opinion-based can be a more reliable source than a journalist who claims to be being objective while passing their opinion or their editors off between the lines). I don’t mind bias as long as I’m clear what the bias is as in the case of Alternet and The Nation.

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