Reaping the Harvest

Am I an apologist for the people who did what happened ? No, not at all, but let’s not be conned into thinking that all this came out of the blue. This came about because of the way our country has conducted itself. If the UK had not visited disrespect, death and destruction upon other countries, then they would not be coming here. The UK is reaping what it has sowed. And as distasteful / disturbing / horrifying as events were, they bear little comparison to what has occurred in our name elsewhere. We elected these leaders – and the joy of that is that Blair can point at all of us and say “I was acting as you wanted me too” – he will pass the burden of blame off himself and onto us.

We should not be asking Muslims to apologise, we should be asking Blair why he does not pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan and others. He will say “Because of what they have done” and the people in those places will fight back “because of what has been done” – isn’t that just so damn childish and pathetic ?? If this were 2 kids you’d bang their heads together and tell them to sort things out “like adults” – but just look at what we have – 2 adults who cannot make a proper decision but will continue to let people die in what they proclaim is the path to righteousness. Blair is saying that what we need to do is avenge those that died yesterday – by killing more people. And if they complain at being killed, we kill some more. And if we obliterate them so we can be safe then that’s fine by him. HE is making us UNsafe. HE can make us safe very very easily – he could withdraw from his unholy alliance and reduce deaths and the chance of deaths instantly, or he can stay where he is and by doing so sign the death warrants for thousands. This is not about surrendering, or giving in – it’s a straightforward problem to which there is a straightforward answer. Blair and Bush have more people they can send to their deaths than the people who are bombing the UK, but those extremists will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke has said there is no evidence the attacks on London were carried out because of the UK’s role in the Iraq war. BBC

What ? So Charles Clarke thinks that our Govt can ride into countries with the USA, blow people up, destroy families, homes and infrastructure and no-one might get just a little bit annoyed at that and plot revenge ? Mr Clarke – you are a poor excuse for a politician.

[Charles Clarke] He also suggested that in future civil liberties might have to be curtailed ….. “ID cards ‘wouldn’t stop attacks'”

“Make no mistake Britain will almost certainly have to sacrifice some of our ancient legal rights if we wish to protect our citizens.” Daily Mail

This is great …. what it means is that we LOSE our freedoms while we let Blair et al protect us. Here’s a better idea – Blair should stop being butt-f*cked by Bush, get the hell out of bed with him and take our forces out of countries where they are clearly not welcome. But we’ll still have the ID cards, and when our freedoms reduce we can thank our masters can’t we. Mushrooms are safe too – in the dark, being fed bullshit.

The politicians will use this to further their own agenda both at home and abroad while the actual people matter not. We should not believe a single thing they say. What are the odds that Blair too would love a Patriot Act ?

I can see it now…Blair and Bush climbing out of a bunker into a desolate, destroyed and barren world, looking around and high-fiving “Hell we showed those guys who the damn boss is!”

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  2. Not strange to think all this man. I do want to mention my worries regarding the compromises the governments seem to want to make. Like in England, but in a more extreme form, the Dutch government tries to compromise privacy to safeguard security. Making a compromise can be good, but not when you need to make it between two of the basic rights any human on the world has. I’m planning an action to send all members of our government a copy of 1984, just to show them how wrong they are.

    Security and safety are two distorted things. Life in the Western world has never been safe, nor has everyone been friends with everyone. Governments don’t know what they’re doing in this moment in history, and that’s the difference. Think about the people and how to educate. Don’t try to prevent in a half-assed way. Education of the world is more important than locking down those who don’t know enough to be able to even know better.

  3. As an Irishwoman who lived in London during the IRA’s campaign, how I wish that there had been such outspoken support of the Irish in London, 99.999% of whom did not support terrorism. And who were made to feel that any critique of government policy in Northern Ireland, made us the enemy.

    Times have changed. From the silencing of Irish voices, the exclusion of the Irish in the community and government, to inclusion in government of all groups. Have the British government learned from that period, yes they have. Now it remains to be seen if the media and the general population have learned from that period, and do not waste their energies in pointless blaming and scapegoating of any particular group here.

  4. ainelivia – maybe it’s technology ? With the net I (we) can now see the responses from ordinary people. Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was no net, there was no way to communicate, there was only the TV and the govt spouting their line through the Press. It’s odd that as the Press goes under the thumb of the ‘powers that be’, we have blogs to read instead.

    Where IS the Paul Foot of this decade ?

    But from the Govt perspective, this is all good as it lets them force their agenda through with what they hope is a grateful electorate falling at their feet. Scarily, not only some people believe this but the Press – the same bunch that would criticise the American regime – will go along with this. They will force a mentality through and they will reinforce this through biased reporting and the use of emotive language.

    If ever there was a reason to have a blog and to point out these things, that time is now.

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