Stupid questions

All over the damn news: “Can you tell us your reaction to today’s events ?”
Like anyone is going to praise it ! What do the journos want ? Someone to start harping on about how much a city depends on transport ? How that Blair brought this on the country ? How house prices which were said to be rising are now falling ? They’ve got a blasted religious someone on right now – how bloody stupid is that as well ? And I wonder how much they paid the “wheel-them-in-experts” ? Whatever it was, it was way too much.

And if Nottingham had been completely blown up ? it would have been a case of a newsflash “Oops.. we seem to be a city down, shame eh ?” and then it would have been back to Fern and Phillip.

11 thoughts on “Stupid questions

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  2. Hm. I think there is quite an obvious significance with targetting a country’s capital city, so no, it wouldn’t be the same if Nottingham (for eg) were attacked. But I think that when any city comes under major terrorist attacks, it’s always going to be a big deal… Nobody would say “oops, that’s nottingham gone then” any more than they would say “oh look somebody flew planes into buildings in new york”. Obviously the global significance is difference, but I think you’re being just a tad sceptical…

  3. We nearly went to London this morning. Took Sarah’s dad to Heathrow for his flight to St Petersburg and then we considered driving into London for a days retail therapy. We decided in the end to head home and stop at Milton Keynes for the therapy instead. Just think, there are a thousand million alternative universes out there where we did go to London…

  4. small dent compared to what happens in Iraq. Sorry the people died, but people die every day. it’s just that it happened in London today as opposed to Fallujah.

    now we get to see how it feels, don’t we?

    i’m just worried about how the American right wing will spin this thing.

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